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We are a Tour Operator specialized in incoming tourism in Salento, the South of Puglia.
We are based in Leverano, between Porto Cesareo and Lecce.
Our Services
We provide an online platform, called "Choose Salento Dynamic Packaging", where any travel agency and tour operator can create and book its own "tailor-made" holiday package, by bundling up services, experiences and accommodation to the tourists’ liking. Travel agencies and tour operators are the only users allowed to access the Dynamic Package system. We also offer travelling advices to any tourist willing to fully enjoy Salento. On-site assistance after the tourists’ arrival and maximum attention paid to their needs are constantly guaranteed.

The advantages associated with our products can be summarized in two points:

  • Easy-to-make holiday package: our user-friendly platform will make tourists and professional operators’ life much easier thanks to both the wide range of accommodation, services and experiences tourists can look at on our website and the opportunity for travel agencies and tour operators to book them in a few easy steps. Once the holiday package is finalized, the travel plan can be downloaded and printed directly from the platform on travellers’ demand.

  • "Tailor-made" holiday: our platform permits a very high level of customization that will simply leave tourists with the embarrassment of riches. Inside our platform we indeed propose six holiday styles (Beach, Explore, Taste, Culture, Active and Half Board) that aim at meeting even the highest expectations of travellers. Each style includes plenty of exclusive activities, among which a tourist can freely choose without any restriction.
Choose Salento in the last years
In 2013 we won an European funding program (PSR 2007-2013, Act. 4 Meas. 313), sponsored by GAL Terra d’Arneo, to promote tourist activities in our area.

In 2014 we launched a promotional campaign through the participation in the main European fair trades held in London, Paris, Berlin and Munich.
In particular we were among the exhibitors at the Trade of Munich (February 19th-23rd 2014) and ITB of Berlin (March 5th-9th 2014).

From April to July we took part in the ROAD SHOW 2014 #Weareinpuglia that involved the following European cities:

Wien - MuseumsQuarter: April 11th - 21st
Berlin - Sony Center: April 28th - May 6th
Munich - Olympiapark: May 15th - 24th
London - South Bank: June 6th - 15th
Paris - Gare Montparnasse: June 21st - 30th
Dublin - George's Dock: July 6th - 15th
1° semester 2014: Travel Fair Trades
RoadShow 2014 #WeAreinPuglia

In the second half of 2014 we took part in the main International Tourism Fairs:

Paris, September 23rd - 26th 2014
TTI 2014
Rimini, October 9th - 11th 2014
Bari, October 27th - November 1st 2014
London, November 3rd – 6th 2014

2° semester 2014: Travel Fair Trades
Choose Salento in Salento
In the 2013 summer we created 50.000 local maps that were passed out to accommodation facilities, tourist information centers, bars and various business activities, located all over Salento.

Based on the great interest shown by tourists in our maps, the following summer we worked on improving them significantly. The final outcome was the creation of 5 different maps containing the street maps of the most important towns (Lecce, Gallipoli, Otranto, Porto Cesareo and the Cape of Leuca), in addition to the usual map of Salento. Each map also covered the main places of interest for tourists. In the 2014 summer, 100.000 maps have been distributed throughout the Salento.